After college, I worked in Product Marketing for an Industrial Firm.  I was able to use my Engineering Physics degree helping people select motors and drives in industrial applications.  I enjoyed the problem solving and marketing aspects of the job but with the job came a good deal of travel.  I knew it wouldn’t mesh well with being a mom – especially since my husband worked different shifts as a Supervisor at the local Steel Mill.

I became a mom in September of 1996. I was led to Scrapbooking when my son was 6 months old. I am so grateful that God led me to learn about how to preserve and enjoy my photos when I was such a new mom. I cannot explain the excitement I felt creating pages of my precious son – and the relief I felt with a plan to do ‘something’ with the tons of pictures I was taking. About a month later, I became a scrapbooking consultant and since that day in 1997, I have helped hundreds of people start and complete photo albums.

Four children, three houses, and two cities later, I have now found a need to not only help people complete albums but organize their pictures (or digital files) and some even need someone to just do it for them. After a busy season of helping moms create Albums and Celebration Displays for their children’s graduation parties – I decided that I needed a location to contain the information I am gathering and a way to get the word out to others on how to get a handle on their priceless pictures! This is one of my greatest passions in life – helping others deal with their most prized possession. Please don’t hesitate to ask any or all questions you may have on how to start enjoying those pictures you are taking!


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