Organizing my life so I can do something I love!

January and September are my favorite months!  Organizing products take center stage at stores and magazines!  I love to see ideas, become inspired and motivated.  I was SO excited when I noticed a very subtle mention on the website about a Martha Stewart line of products.  Lo and behold – they have a HUGE display of the products and they are BEAUTIFUL!  They are helping me overhaul my command center and household control journal.

Here are some pics I took of the display:

LOVE the binders!

Great desk items!LOVE the binders!I was just thinking how I need to label my MANY MANY cables between the kids and I! Woo-hoo!!










I was just thinking how I need to label my MANY MANY cables between the kids and I! Woo-hoo!!














The great thing about organizing is…the more organized we are – the more productive we are. When we’re productive, we can finish what we HAVE to do and then do the things we love. Like take more pictures. Or perhaps create fabulous scrapbook pages. Even digitally. Here’s my latest project – I created a custom cover for an album that will include a 2 page spread for each year of Christmas. SO easy – can even be a family Christmas Card picture and a couple of shots of Christmas celebrations.


Now that I have this custom cover created (this album can hold traditional scrapbook pages or digital 12×12 prints – so versatile!!), I will dive into my main January goal: Creating the Family Yearbook for the previous year. This is such a great way to preserve memories while the memories are fresh – and the Creative Memories sale of 20% off the albums through Jan.

26 is such a great motivator!! What I love about digital is that I am able to capture an entire year – and it is so doable. Last year, I started late and finished in a week. Hmm…let’s see…would’ve taken me SEVERAL WEEKS to complete a traditional album covering an entire year. Sliding pictures in on your computer screen with no setup or cleanup – a dream!! Plus I love the fact that the Creative Memories software allows me to work offline (on my laptop while waiting at a kid event) and completely customize the pages so I am not stuck with premade templates.

Off to begin my project :)! I would love to hear if you have any organizing goals for 2012!


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