Back to School Traditions

Back to school time!  It is tough for our boys to leave the carefree days of summer break and late bedtimes to the back to school routine.  I know some children love going back to school but not ours.  (They get it honestly – I never enjoyed going back to school either!!)  I try to make it at least somewhat special for them.

In addition to a larger than normal breakfast (eggs, bacon, pancakes) and a special afterschool snack (homemade cookies and lemonade), I also take their pictures in the same spot every year.   They are great about this tradition.

Last year I decided to go back and pull every ‘first day of school’ picture to see how our older three have grown.  Since we had been in this house for 6 years I could see them all in front of the door.  Here’s the comparison (you can click on each photo for a larger version):

John First Days of School

Nicholas First Days of School

Benjamin First Days of School










I love this way to see how they have grown up.  I am really enjoying each of them as they are growing up and each stage they are in – but of course it makes me sad to know they’re just not little any more.

Counting my blessings!



One thought on “Back to School Traditions

  1. Laura! These are SO cute! I lovem and I love how you laid them out on your scrapbook page! It has been SO long since I’ve pulled out my scrapbooking materials – I need to soon because I am terribly behind! ugh!

    Have a great new school year!

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