A fun “Mom of Boys” blog hop!

I am so happy to participate in this mom of boys blog hop! I am a very new ‘blogger’ and am loving what I am learning about the blogging world. I have learned so much in the past few weeks I wish I would’ve started this years ago.

My husband and I have been blessed with four amazing sons. John will be 15 in about 6 weeks (really??? I have been a mom that long?!?!?), Nicholas is 11, Benjamin is 9 and Patrick is 6. I LOVE being a wife and mother and it is through the gift of motherhood that I have grown in my Faith.

I am a Catholic mom trying to build a strong foundation for these future Christian men! We send them to public school (we have a fantastic school district) but love our Parish and are very involved in our Church life.  I do feel like it’s a constant battle to emphasize our Faith, Values, Morals.  I know it’s worth the effort.

My passions are organizing and enjoying pictures! My goal with my blog and my website is to inspire and motivate others to take control of their pictures. My website http://www.organizedpictures.com has information about a free 5 week online photo organizing class that starts on August 1 (don’t worry you can start late if you missed 8/1). You work independently…I just send you instructions on what to do each week (or as you complete each week’s assignment).

As for books that my boys like (this may seem random to some of you but it is the question for the ‘blog hop’)…My oldest enjoys chronicles of Vladimir Tod by Heather Brewer, Angels and Demons and DaVinci Code by Dan Brown.  He also liked the Hunger Games series.

My 11 year old: the Last Shot and the whole series by John Feinstein, also Found, Sabotage, Lost by Margaret Peterson Haddix.

My nine year old…he loves biographies of famous sports players, as well as DK books on cars, history (mainly wars), etc..

My six year old…anything :)!

A fav of mine that I discovered this summer: 7 habits of Happy Kids…Sean Covey.  Adorable artwork (you have to find a worm on each page) and stories targeted to elementary age teaching the Covey Habits. I LOVE THIS BOOK!

See link to the right for more mom of boy blogs to hop!


6 thoughts on “A fun “Mom of Boys” blog hop!

  1. Hi Laura, it’s nice to “meet” you! Just came over from the MOB hop! I’m trying to visit bloggers I don’t already know. 🙂 I have 3 boys (9, 11 next week, and 20 next week) and 3 girls (17, 19 & 23) and two grandbabies, one of whom is a super active 3 year old little man. We’ve got lots of testosterone around here! Given the choice of boys or girls, I can tell you that boys are much easier (although more expensive to keep in groceries) and I might even say more fun too! You’ve got a nice looking bunch!

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