Where is the summer going?

Nicholas Tackle Football

Football started this week.  How can that be?  Now I think about fall as they prepare for their games.   I think about needing meals planned because late afternoons are hectic especially once school starts (but we aren’t going to mention that yet).

I came across a tip this week on time management.  I just love reading something that seems to really click with me.  This one is to do the next action on your list of projects.  So, if your project list includes sorting out a child’s room, determine which picture project you’ll work on next, and get a handle on meal planning – break it down into ‘next actions’.   So, for my boys’ room my next action is to tackle the top shelf in their closet.  For my picture project, it’s to decide what I want to do then begin editing the photos for that project.  As for meal planning, the next action is look at my freezer inventory and create a meal list accordingly.  These next actions are SO much more doable than the vague project lists I mentioned!

If you’d like more information on this ‘next action’ tip, I found it on this website:  www.powerofmoms.com  and if you join their site (free) you receive a free ebook entitled “Five Steps to Less Stress’.   I will give you a teaser.  They mention five things and one is email management.  I learned some things!!!  It will help me manage my 500+ emails sitting in my inbox!  Just a mental thing – I am not stressed about it but it IS cluttered, and I never know when I might miss something.

The more organized I can be, the more time I have for fun things with my family, trying a new recipe, or working on a picture project.

Off to get a kid ready for football :)!



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